Mori's Massage and Bodywork

Mori's Massage and Bodywork

"Life is like a tree and its root is consciousness. Therefore, once we tend the root, the tree as a whole will be healthy."

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First Time Clients

First Time Clients (call for appointment)
First time clients for Seattle or Tacoma location must call or text or email to schedule an appointment. (206) 579-3270 Thank you!

Tacoma Location

Tacoma Location (call for appointment)
Online scheduling is not available for Tacoma Location.
Please call or text (206) 579-3270 or email
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90min Massage and Fire Cupping
60min Massage and Fire Cupping
30min Fire Cupping
60min TMJ/Headache Therapy
45min Guided Meditation
Though our physical well-being is so important, our mental well-being is even more so. When our mind is over stimulated, over thinking, and we aren't able to quiet the constant flow of noise in our head, we leave ourselves vulnerable and more prone to low immunity/health problems, stress, lack of sleep, anger/impatience, faster aging, and overall unhappiness. During this 45min guided meditation, Cara will guide you through body awareness, breathing exercises, and mental focuses. All these techniques are for the purpose of quieting your mind, realizing that happiness is within your control, and facilitating the journey of mastering your own mind.

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